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SPAM / Disk Quota emails from Macdaddy

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All emails received by our email server are first filtered through SpamExperts before being delivered to your mailbox.
You will receive periodic email reports from them, They will list all the emails held back by the SPAM filter.
The email will come from and have the Subject 'SpamPanel Report'

On the right there are links to either, Release, Release and train, Whitelist or Blacklist.
Released mail will be delivered to your mail inbox immediately.

Sample email below


The above example gets sent to all email accounts

Regarding your allocated disk space -
Our server automatically sends out three warning emails as you get closer to running out of space.
It’s important to keep an eye out for these emails.
It will come from “cPanel on your domain name” with the subject “Disk Usage Warning: The user ……..

If you use all your allocated disk quota your email service will stop working until you ask us to increase your storage or you delete unwanted email to keep within your allocated storage amount.

Sample email below.

From: "cPanel on your domain“
Subject: [your domain] Disk Usage Warning: The user...

Disk quota notification for “your domain”.

The user “ ” (your domain) has nearly reached their disk quota.

The account currently uses 90.14% (13.52 GB/15 GB) of its disk capacity.

The account currently has 84,512 files.

Remove some files from this account, or ask the system administrator to increase the account’s disk quota.

The system generated this notice on Monday, July 4, 2022 at 11:39:43 PM UTC.

Do not reply to this automated message.


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The above example only gets sent to the domain's main account holder

Phishing emails

The two examples above are the only two emails our hosting server sends out. Any other emails appearing to be from us regarding your email account / domain is probably a phishing email should be deleted (do not click on any links). If unsure forward it to us to verify it.

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